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Sales & Marketing

Customer Alert

If you own a retail shop, selling clothing, shoes or furnishings, you can use NextSMS to send bulk SMS broadcasts and alert customers that new items are coming in.

Text & Win Competitions

Regardless of what your business branch is, you can use NextSMS effectively by asking people to send an answer or text to a short code. This secures they’re entry to a prize draw; the prize can be anything from a product to a service or a voucher.


You can offer people an opportunity to send an SMS and receive a web SMS replies with quotes on their mobile phones, and even the option to buy simply by using existing mobile phone SMS text capability.


Many food industry (SMS for industry) businesses receive orders by SMS and some businesses even send back automated SMS replies for each order.

Discount coupons and vouchers

You can send a newsletter type text to your customer database with your offers and vouchers that can be redeemed if presented to your store by the receiver.

Auction bidding

You can establish a system that allows customers to bid via NextSMS and receive alerts on their mobile phone if someone were to outbid them.

Daily mobile content

You can improve your CRM significantly if you send your customers useful or interesting content via NextSMS.

Access codes for premium online material

You can provide customers with access to certain information by asking them to enter their phone number and the code they receive on their phone.

Marketing and PR campaigns

You can send a web SMS marketing campaign and ask people to complete a survey regarding their preferences in order to provide them with useful advice and information via NextSMS while focusing on the awareness of your brand to generate loyalty.

Product launches

You can promote the launch of a new product or service by sending a sample or incentive via NextSMS.

Extended product information

You can set up a system that your prospective customers could use to send a reply consisting in a keyword to your short number and get additional information about your product.

Event Details

You can send announcements regarding certain events you are hosting via NextSMS or even alert the community regarding important issues that could affect them.

Product verification

Counterfeit products hurt your brand and your sales so why not build a program for customers that enables them to send the product code to your short number in order to get an SMS back confirming whether or not the product is legitimate.

Product advice

Interact with your customers by sending them answers to their questions and helping them book products through NextSMS.

Price information

You can send people market price information for your products, to show that you have competitive prices. All they have to do is solicit the information via a short code.

VIP information and stock updates

Ask clients to opt into your database and send your loyal customers the best discounts for your products with NextSMS.

Business locator

Give customers the option to send you an SMS with their current location in order to receive back the address of your nearest office and other relevant information.


If you have a bicycle renting business, you can ask registered customers to send you the bicycle code and you automatically send them the code that unlocks that particular bicycle. NextSMS makes it easy for you!

Customer Services & Relationship Management


If you own a greeting card service, you can offer your services through NextSMS.


You can send out invoice payment reminders to your customers or establish a reminder service to remind people of important days and events.

Collection notifications

You can send bulk web SMS broadcasts to customers and let them know they’re orders are ready and they can pick them up.

After hours assistance

You can allow your customers to send questions to you via NextSMS and receive immediate answers.

Information updates

You can send information updates automatically to customers that request them by sending a keyword to your NextSMS short code.

Account status information

You can send people information about their account details, invoices or penalties to be paid and so on.

Roster and schedule updates

You can send employees meeting dates and details in advance with NextSMS, making sure they are prepared.

Result notifications

For example, abnormal medical results could be sent to doctors via SMS for rapid resolution of problems.

Campaign status updates

Because you are a service provider, people can opt-in to receive web SMS broadcasts with campaign estimated results and breaking news regarding their interests, like politics for example.

Short Surveys

You can ask customers to vote their favourite product and keep track of the continuously changing odds on a billboard or on your website.

Customer profile update competition

You can organise competitions and ask for a product code along with customer details to complete your database.

Ask the experts

As a service provider you can ask you customers to text a question for your experts by texting a keyword followed by the question to a short code. The experts can answer these questions in a video to demonstrate brand transparency and generate loyalty.

Personal/group support

No matter what habit quitting association you are running, you can send your members advice and support at critical times with NextSMS.

Refund request

You can let your clients know that, if service conditions are not met, they can ask for a refund via SMS.

Voting reminders

Fans can sign up to get SMS reminders, receiving a text message with the names of the contestants who will perform that night and their voting codes.

Mobile Q and A

A pretty straight forward idea, allow your clients or members to send questions to a designated code and get answers no matter where they are.

Business Process Management and Internal Administration

Debt Collection

In a two hour time range, SMS payment reminders have a 40% success rate, whereas phone calls a success rate of only 9%.

Appointment notifications and reminders

You can send appointment reminders to patients, and they can confirm, reschedule or cancel. Integrated into clinical systems, it reduces workloads for medical and administrative staff.

Sales force reporting

Keep your sales force motivated by allowing them real-time communication with the corporate office via NextSMS.

Absenteeism alerts

If you are a school director, you can implement a system that records the names of absent students each day and lets parents know by NextSMS.


You can offer rewards such as concert tickets via SMS or otherwise if your database members do what you ask of them.

Applications and placements

You can offer a service to generate more interested people in your business. For example a newspaper offered students a service where they entered the courses and universities they were interested in and got back answers with matches or the suggestion to search for something else. All via SMS marketing!

Admission tests

An Italian mobile operator offered students the opportunity to train for university admission tests via SMS. The student would choose a department and receive a test, once the test was done, he would receive his test score.

Acceptance notifications

Some universities in the world have added this feature to their services; now students receive acceptance notifications faster via SMS.

Salary notifications

As a web SMS service provider we offer banks the opportunity to broadcast account balance information via SMS to the ones who need it and even salary notifications, a service that greatly helps their CRM.


In need of volunteers? Blast out a message and get sign-ups or opt-ins through SMS.

Communication with freelancers

Through NextSMS you can inform the freelancers you work with that they have work awaiting and let customers know that the work they asked for is ready.

Case tracking

Lawyers can keep in touch with their clients and inform the latter about the cases though a system that notifies them via SMS.

Missed call notifications

Some telecom services let subscribers know that they missed a call regardless of their phone being switched off or being out of range.

Managing field workers

As field workers cannot check their email very often, SMS are sent to inform them regarding new tasks.

Interdepartmental communications

Weather your organisation has a large number of employees or your employees are scattered in different locations, and you need an efficient way to inform them, SMS is a great solution for you!

Project status updates

No matter the project or event, you can send interested members an update with a real account of the events.

Project management

While a project takes place, you can send via NextSMS a message telling the implicated members what they have to do in the current week.

Fund raising

People could opt in to receive texts from you with products they could buy to benefit charities and other good causes.

IT & System Administration

Email alerts

If you’re an email service provider, you can notify your users when an urgent or important email arrives into their inbox by texting them.

Password confirmations

When one of your website or program users forgets his password, you could offer them peace of mind by sending it to them via NextSMS. Payment, order and any other confirmations can be sent as well.

Virus notifications

You can give customers an early warning of computer viruses and prevent outbreaks on the Internet.

System failure and malfunction alerts

You can set your system so that when your website or server is down, your IT specialist is notified for fast resolution. This feature can apply with regard to any kind of damaged machinery or system, ensuring fast responsiveness and an effective solution implementation.

Transport & Logistics

Container tracking

If you have a transport or import/export business, you could set a system that would allow your customers to track the whereabouts of their packages anytime and anywhere in the world by means of the SMS.

Goods delivery updates on-the-go

You can let your drivers know how much to deliver and when, they can also text back with confirmations and updates.


Anything can be tracked: luggage, furniture, you name it! That being said, you can send updates to interested parties when the packages change location or get to their destination.

Hardware / stock management

For example, via SMS, policemen can send the plate number and get all the necessary information about a car.

Availability and supply

You can let your customers know of stock levels. If a customer is interested in a product you no longer have on stock, you can send him an SMS message when you do refill your stock.

Travel & Tourism

Arrivals and check-ins

Airlines, for example, let passengers check-in and confirm their seat allocation via SMS.

SMS reservations / bookings

You can receive booking or reservation SMS from your clients via NextSMS. All they need: a keyword and your short code.

Managing traveling preferences

You can use NextSMS to keep in touch with your usual customers and with their preferences; it’s a very good tool for events, food and beverage specials.

Travel Information

You can let customers know about flight arrival delays, flight cancellations, departure delays, or gate changes, severe weather updates, emergency information briefings, 24 hour flight status checks, and executive car service alerts.

Promotional travel offers

You can send your clients offers that match their travel preferences.

International health information

As a travel agency, you can allow customers to text you their chosen exotic destination and receive back health information for that area.

Communication with corporate clients

Need to know information can be sent to corporate member groups through NextSMS, for real-time notification.

Financial Services

Stock prices updates

Some investment business offer private investors the opportunity to send messages and receive price information for stocks they want to invest in.

Banking alerts
Banks sent out SMS to account holders informing them in real-time of activity in their accounts.

Short term loans
In Netherlands, people can borrow between 100 and 300 euro by texting their account info to the bank.

Instant short term insurance / policies

Insurance companies could offer a few days of insurance via SMS and people would pay via phone bill.

Share trading

For example, a trading company from Australia allows investor to trade via an SMS trading service.

Virtual credit card numbers

The account number, expiry date and three digit security code of temporary credit cards are sent through SMS.

ATM cash alerts

Banks systems can alert employees of ATM machine problems by texting them.

Social Networking

Application Promotion

Businesses can develop and promote their own applications geared around their products or services to encourage user interaction (CRM). SMS exchange can be used as an intermediate to support user-company interaction as well as to convince individuals to install other applications for a better customer service experience.

Communicating and content sharing via social networking sites

Social media sites allow users to opt to receive SMS messages with alerts for when they receive comments, messages, and friend requests.
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