SMS Pricing Plan

Global coverage with simple pay as you go online purchasing from as low as $0.01 per SMS

With NextSMS you get to push your marketing efforts to the limit
with low cost SMS marketing campaigns that fit perfectly into your marketing budget.
Choose a country and you will be presented with the available networks to send bulk SMS marketing campaigns through.
Choose a volume of SMS you wish to send out in bulk each week, month or year and the programme will automatically calculate the cost of an SMS.
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Vodafone Romania

0.0702€0 - 1.000 sendings/per year
2 imgPrices

Orange Romania

0.1152€0 - 1.000 sendings/per year
4 imgPrices

Telekom Romania

0.0702€0 - 1.000 sendings/per year
5 imgPrices

Digimobil Romania

0.0702€0 - 1.000 sendings/per year
6 imgPrices

Zapp Romania

0.0702€0 - 1.000 sendings/per year
You can import or export contacts, SMS marketing campaigns and more through your account interface.
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