Bulk SMS Broadcast Features

Unmatched SMS features for web SMS sendings and bulk SMS campaigns


High Response Rate

Not only is it low cost and eco-friendly, but everyone has a mobile phone and all messages get read, that’s why SMS marketing has the highest response rate of all online marketing methods.


Intuitive Interface

Our intuitive interface will allow you to blast your message to the world in a matter of minutes. Push a few buttons and let it do all the work!


Free Account

You are just two steps away: create a username and password and get started in minutes. No sign up fee required!


Instant Access

Inform and persuade your customers instantly, by engaging them at the perfect time. Register for free and you can access your account right away after email validation.


Partner Account

This feature is specially designed for those who feel they would make a good SMS marketing agent. If you want to be a SMS marketing agent contact us for more information.


Exceptional Support

Use our online support feature to get immediate answers to your questions. You can also call or send us an email.


Opt-in Lines

You can create an opt-in line and include it in your SMS advertisement, enabling your customers to subscribe to your SMS newsletter. For example: “Opt-in to get Joe’s pizza deals by texting PIZZA to 5677.”


2 Way SMS

You can send bulk text advertisements and receive answers from your customers; this way you can interact better with your market niche. You will find the received SMS in your account inbox. For more information about this feature, please feel free to contact us.


Auto Reply

You can create a text reply that gets sent to any user that texts you, thanking people for subscribing to your SMS newsletter and informing them how often they will receive your message.


Message Divert

You can divert your incoming messages to receive them directly on your mobile phone or in your email inbox, no matter where you or your customers are.


Message Library

You can create your own SMS texts and store them in your message library for later use. Here you also have the messages that have been sent, so you can resend the most successful ones.



You can manage and change database information connected to the phone numbers such as: name, age and other details. Doing this will allow you to customise the message for a more personal note.


Sender ID

The sender ID is your sender number and it can be easily replaced with your brand name.



Reserving a keyword allows you to interact with your customers by asking them to text it to you. For example, the keyword “Monday”: “Text MONDAY to 5677 and get our Monday deals.”


Export/Import Files

You can export or import files through your account interface, such as: a database of customer contact details, campaign texts and more.


Database Lists

The phone number database that you have can be split into groups, for example if you sell both shoes and sunglasses, you can create a group for each product. Also, you can create these lists manually or import them.


Block List

By manually adding numbers to this list you erase them from your sending list. Also, the numbers that opt-out of your list will be automatically inserted into this list.


Message Planner

After composing the text you can choose the date and time when your SMS campaign starts; you can send a text message right away or at a future date and time.


API Gateway

The most powerful servers and largest SMS sending platforms are at your disposal, ensuring a quick a delivery of your messages. All you have to do is push a few buttons and let our intuitive system do all of the work. We’re giving you the power; it’s up to you to use it!



Delivery status monitoring is possible and when the sending is done we provide you with detailed, comprehensive reports for every one of your campaigns. Imitate the style of the successful campaigns in the future, or resend them.


Payment Methods

We have structured a series of price packages in order for all businesses, big or small, to benefit from this type of marketing. Payment is made comfortably, by credit card.

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