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Intuitive Interface

Our intuitive web SMS platform interface will allow you to broadcast your message to the world in a matter of minutes. Push a few buttons and let it do all the work!


Instant Access

Inform and persuade your customers instantly, by engaging them at the perfect time. Register for free and you can access your account right away after email validation.


Sender ID

The sender ID is your sender number and it can be easily replaced with your brand name.


Exceptional Support

Use our online support feature to get immediate answers to your questions. You can also call or send us an email.



You can manage and change database information connected to the phone numbers such as: name, age and other details. Doing this will allow you to customise the message for a more personal note.


Database Lists

This SMS sending feature allows you to split your phone number database into groups, for example if you sell both shoes and sunglasses, you can create a group for each product. Also, you can create these lists manually or import them.

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